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Get ready for 2018 Coachella!

February 06, 2018

Get ready for 2018 Coachella!

With only 3 months left until one of the biggest festivals, we must prepare our best look for it! Coachella trends are changing yearly and 2018 has introduced new fashion. This year, it is recommended to wear prints and statement pieces. Simple tops with long skirts or printed pants are definitely the right move towards that trendy outfit this year!

Mixing different styles will also create a trendy look for you. A combination of vibrant colors and simple pieces can give you a new style that will stand out. Be daring, put together something that you normally would not wear on a daily basis! This is your time to be creative and go all out with colors, patterns, and statement pieces.

There are many places where you can find colorful pieces. If you want something small but vibrant check out Cocoyana’s Wayuu Bracelets. Each bracelet is handmade, colorful, and a statement piece you must have! They are perfect to mix and match with other bracelets and go well with any style.

A bohemian, carefree look is also highly recommended. Make sure to create a look that is eye catching and makes you feel confident. Coachella is all about free spirited lifestyle! Have fun with your look; keep it colorful and unique!

Make sure to check back in with us for next weeks blog post!

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