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Bag of 2016 Summer- Straw Bags/Wickerbags

July 20, 2016

Bag of 2016 Summer- Straw Bags/Wickerbags

During 1950s and 60s, large shoulder shopping tote made out of straw was on hit to many women. Wicker bags are originally made from southern France for shopping purpose but lately it spread out to fashion since wicker bags are both convenient and fashionable. Straw was a perfect match for summer sprit and by late 60s, hand woven baskets stepped into high-fashion trend. What is cool about wickers bags is that they are authentically handmade yet inexpensive to afford. They are trendy but vintage. This summer, straw bags are having a comeback in 2016 summer trend. Follow this casual boho trend and Cocoyana is also trying to combine the historical essence of wicker bags into our new style. Cocoyana wicker bags are authentically handmade from real palm tree. You can pick the size and different designs from our website. Coming soon, we are planning to have customer’s choice to design your ‘one and only wicker bag’ to pick your own styles from sizes to logo on the bag. This summer, stay on vintage style from 50s and keep all your cosmetics, summer items in fashionable wicker bags. Unlike other expensive shopping totes wicker bags will upgrade your summer style!

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