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Become a Cocoyana Student Rep!

August 21, 2017

Become a Cocoyana Student Rep!

The Cocoyana team would like to present a new and exciting opportunity for our customers! We will be launching a Cocoyana Student Representative Club that allows our customers to become Cocoyana reps!

...yes, it’s true!


Who we are

Cocoyana is a beach lifestyle brand based in Southern California. Our wicker bags and Wayuu bracelets are 100% handmade by the Wayuu Tribe of Colombia, who receive a percentage of our sales. We emulate the San Diego surf, sand, and sun through our products vibrant colors and patterns!

How can you become a Cocoyana rep?

Our beach lifestyle brand is looking for girls who are 18 years of age or older who obtain well styled instagram photos that are similar to our look. They should have the ability to take clear, quality photos in order to capture the beauty of our products! Applicants should also be committed to social responsibility. Cocoyana is a brand that gives back to the Wayuu artisans of Colombia. And last but not least, they have to have an interest in our company and our products!  

What we are looking for…

We are looking for stylish fashionistas willing to represent Cocoyana! We are looking for beach/bikini loving women who also enjoy documenting their trendiness through social media. We are also looking for applicants who are willing to promote our new sorority wicker bags...BONUS if you’re already in a sorority!

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself.. “What’s in it for me??”

By becoming a Cocoyana Representative you will receive:

  1. Starting out, you will receive your choice of a FREE Cocoyana wicker bag or bikini (feel free to take pictures with it!)
  2. A Cocoyana rep code that you can share via social media
  3. Let your friends use your code to receive discounts and YOU will get FREE Cocoyana products!
  4. The best leading sales rep will be taken in our Cocoyana bus to a beach of her choice for a professional, complimentary photo shoot with two friends!

Represent & Promote!  The responsibilities of a Cocoyana representative will be to represent our Cocoyana swag on social media. Our reps will also be required to promote sales, new arrivals, giveaways, and promotions on their personal instagram accounts.


How can you get started?? It’s easy!

  1. Send us an email at info@cocoyana.com with the subject line ‘Cocoyana Rep’
  2. Include your name, age, school (if applicable), Instagram info, and why you want to be a Cocoyna rep!
  3. After reviewing your information, our team will get back to you!

Check out our Instagram and Website to review our products and see if you would like to become a Cocoyana rep!!



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