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Celebration - Bikinimosa

July 06, 2016

Celebration - Bikinimosa

Cocoyana is ready to pop summer off in the most epic way. Two words: Bikinis and Mimosas. What happens when you put those two things together? You get an exclusive, private party called “Bikinimosa” in July in La Jolla, hosted by yours truly, Cocoyana. We are throwing this event to give our invited guests an exclusive first look at our new bikini line. Our new bikini line has launched at the perfect time for you to hit the beach! Our bikini line has so many different styles and colors to offer our customers. Whether you’re looking for a basic bikini or a specific fit and style, Cocoyana has you covered. There’s a bikini to suit everyone’s taste, and we’d even make a bet that more than one will catch your eye. This event will take place in a beautiful house in La Jolla with breathtaking views. Our team has gone above and beyond to make sure that this is like no other experience you’ve had before, allowing you to comfortably sit back and enjoy the day. To top everything off, we’re making things a little more bubbly. We’re providing all of our guests with champagne and mimosas! Doesn’t get much better than getting an exclusive first look at our bikini line with beautiful views in a cozy home while sipping on some mimosas. Our Cocoyana bus will also be there to provide our guests with the opportunity to view all of our other products, such as our bracelets and bags. Cocoyana is so excited to have our mobile store to be apart of this event to allow our customers to really see what our company is all about. Our team is going above and beyond to give our guests the best experience possible, from providing an intimate bikini fashion show while sipping mimosas to having a first hand experience with viewing all of our products at our mobile store! Cocoyana has already come such a long way with our company and our products. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience and products possible. With each product sold, our company supports the native Wayuu people of Colombia. Events like this give us the opportunity to spread the word and help our cause of supporting the Wayuu people. We are so excited to be throwing our Bikinimosa Event in La Jolla in July! Stay tuned for more of our exclusive events and opportunities we will be throwing this summer and hopefully we will see you there!

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