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Cocoyana Beach Club

June 28, 2017

Cocoyana Beach Club

Attention Please....

This upcoming Friday we will celebrate for the third time our beautiful Cocoyana Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego. This time we will have as the years before live house music by DjBetnicker, Vince Delano and for the first time ever we will have a guest performance by female guest Dj Curlzwar.

Additionally we will feature this year a beautiful bikini fashion on the top of the Hard Rock Hotel.

We will have again this time the Photo Booth by smile cam photo and Santiago Melendro will be in charge of taking pictures during the event.

Susy Del Vecchio will live perform during the fashion show and she is going to sing one of her latest tracks which she did in cooperation with Paul Oakenfold.

If you wanna kick off the 4th of July weekend with a spectacular show then make sure to stop by at the Hard Rock Hotel this Friday June 30th.

We will start with the event around 8pm but the fashion show will not start before 10.30 pm where we will showcase our latest handmade bikini collection by Erica Cano. 

We are looking forward to welcome you this Friday.

Team Cocoyana 

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