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Cocoyana Beach Club June 30th

July 17, 2017

Cocoyana Beach Club June 30th

Hello Everybody,

Our last Cocoyana Beach Club Event at the Hard Rock Hotel here in San Diego was a full success. Suzie Del Vecchio (Known for her song "After Love" with Paul Oakenfold) had an outstanding performance and our Cocoyana Models did an amazing bikini-show along the live performance by Suzie Del Vecchio. Not only the Dj's were very into the live performance even more the people that visited our 2017 Cocoyana Summer Bikini Fashion Show.

Overall Dj Beatnicker gathered a very creative and dynamic team of Dj's around him in order to bring the Cocoyana Beach Vibes towards the audience. A big thank you to Curlzwar which came extra for the event from Mexico City. Curlzwar is a young newcomer which will be very successful within the next years.

Loren and Natalia were organizing the entire bikini show which last for more than 30 minutes. Behind the scene there was a lot going on but both of them handled it as smooth as possible.

For all of us it is incredible to see the models wearing the final product which has been just a design concept a couple month ago. This year the Cocoyana bikini-collection which is designed as well as the last collection by Erica Cano is inspired by the beautiful City of Medellin. Medellin lays in the mountains of the colorful state Antioquia in Colombia. Due to that our Designer decided that our 2017 Cocoyana Bikini is turquoise because of the green landscape that surrounds the beautiful City of Medellin. 

Now at Cocoyana we are offering for the first time ever also bikini-bottoms and cover-ups which have been presented as well as the other bikini designs during our Bikini Fashion Show. (See pictures below) 

For more images visit: https://www.facebook.com/cocoyanafashion/

Soon Online Our Cocoyana Beach Club Website! Stay Tuned!

Our next event will be at the end of August so make sure to stay up-to-date. Luckily you do not have to wait for the Cocoyana Beach-Club vibes anymore. Cocoyana Beach Club (www.cocoyanabeachlcub.com) will be launched by July 31st and allows you to download Dj' sets from our Co-Founder and Music Songwriter "Dj Beatnicker". Check out our Website by July 31st and download for FREE your Cocoyana Beach Club music.

Our Event Website www.cocoyanabeachlcub.com allows you besides downloading of music to sign up for upcoming events with our guest-list and furthermore it allows you to have a look at our gallery from previous events and to shop cocoyana products.

For now we wish everybody a happy summer and happy shopping. A big Thank you to Dj Beatnicker, Vince Delano, Loren Lopez, Natalia Melendro, Curlzwar, Suzie Del Vecchio, Javier Lugo, Santiago Melendro and Chris Wieseler.

(Smilecam Photo Booth /http://www.smilecam.photo/photobooth/)

Team Cocoyana 

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