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Cocoyana Bus

May 13, 2016

Cocoyana Bus

We are ecstatic to announce that our new Mobile Cocoyana Store is about to pop off and be running soon! Cocoyana has completely renovated an old school 1971 Volkswagen T2 van by restoring the entire exterior and interior, while making sure to keep those sweet vintage vibes flowing still. With 8 weeks of hard, strenuous work behind us, this bad boy is ready to hit the road and come to a city near you! A special shout out to Armando and DJ, along with their talented dream team who helped make this vision become a reality by putting in the hard work and bringing this van back to life. Our team cannot wait for you guys to see the total van transformation, we think you’ll be pretty impressed with how things turned out! Who it used to look:

 Now all that’s left is some fine tuning and small tweaks, leading us to smooth sailing in the next couple of weeks. We have some exciting events that Cocoyana will be taking part in with our mobile store, starting out here in our lovely city, San Diego! Our pop up store will be cruising all along the Southern California coast, allowing you to get your hands on some essential Cocoyana products in the easiest way possible. That’s right, we’re coming to you. No pesky shipping fees, no waiting for your purchases to arrive, and no wondering what the products actually look and feel like. Only good vibes will be flowing and smiles brought to your faces because we think you’re going to love our new Cocoyana products. We’ve got you covered from our new bathing suit line to all the essential accessories you need to complete your Summer outfits! Our pop up store isn’t something you’re going to want to miss because this isn’t just a regular pop store. We’re going all out and even making this like a little party. That’s right, we’ve decked out our rad van with solar panels so we’re grooving in an environmentally friendly way and the back of the van will be bumping with turn tables and an insane sound system. So go ahead and bob your head to our sweet tunes while you browse all of our exciting new products and our beloved original gear! This definitely will not be like any other pop up shop experience you’ve had before. 

 With Art Around Adams Festival right around the corner on June 4th, our van is going to be participating in this awesome event! Craft beer will be flowing, great music will be jamming, and fun events will be happening all day, so make sure to hop on over to this free festival and find our Cocoyana Van displaying all of our beautiful products and apparel! We can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for you and this Summer with our vintage van, and we definitely think we have a thing or two that will catch your eye! Be sure to check out all of our social media for sneak peaks of this wild van transformation and information on upcoming events where our vintage van pop up shop will be near you!

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