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Cocoyana Expands to Europe

May 30, 2016

Cocoyana Expands to Europe

Exciting news happening over here at Cocoyana! Our company has decided to expand over to our neighbor Europe, specifically in the country Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Cocoyana has just recently launched an entire website completely in German, allowing our company to become even more diverse.   Cocoyana’s leap across the pond could not have come at a better time! With our new bikini line out and summer just around the corner, we are ready to offer our European friends all the summer essentials. Our bikini line has a huge variety of different patterns and styles of bathing suits, allowing you to find the perfect fit to hit the beaches and join in on the summer fun. Summer plans are always full of exciting travels and vacation plans, and Cocoyana has you covered for any adventure! Whether you’re looking to stand out on the beach with one of our new bikinis or perfectly complete your outfit with one of our many bracelets, you are bound to find the ideal product on our new German website. We are also selling our one of a kind, handmade Mochilas on our new site. With our Mochilas coming in so many different designs and colors, they are your perfect go to bag this summer whether you’re heading to the beach or a lunch date with friends!   Deciding to broaden our reach to the European market was a big decision for our company. This meant a couple of things for us at Cocoyana: One, our company has established enough brand recognition over here in the United States to expand to another country, and two, with Germany being economically sound, strong, and in the center of Europe this would be a great opportunity for us to potentially build on our brand awareness throughout the entire European Union.   So what does all of this mean for you? With Cocoyana growing, we are becoming even better at meeting your wants and needs as our customers. We want to make your shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible, so having a website in two different languages allows you to browse in the language you feel most comfortable with. Also, expanding to the European market allows our company to reach more people regarding our social mission of supporting the indigenous Wayuu people of Colombia, which is also the core of the company and the reason we came to be.   We are more than excited about our company tapping into the European market and being able to offer our German friends our products. We think this is going to be an amazing adventure and are so excited to see where this takes Cocoyana. So a big cheers to our home country and and an even bigger prost to our new German customers! Be sure to check out the German version at www.Cocoyana.de!

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