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Cocoyana's 2017 November Photoshoot

November 13, 2017

Cocoyana's 2017 November Photoshoot

Cocoyana would like to present an upcoming photo shoot for the month of November! The photoshoot will be taking place right here in San Diego in La Jolla Beach this Thursday the 16th. 

Our photoshoot will consist of new photos of our brand new products! We have all new necklaces in gold and silver and even rose gold! We will be featuring the adorable pineapple, turtle, and flamingo charms. Cocoyana will also be shooting our handmade wayuu mochilas. We have Fall 2017 mochila styles as well as Spring 2018 mochila styles. Lastly, our new leather charm bracelets will also be making an appearance in our new photos. We have all kinds of bright beautifully colored bands complete with some of our favorite Cocoyana charms! 

With the holiday's approaching, our new products make perfect gifts! We have everything from stocking stuffers with our leather bracelets to a gift for a loved one with our handmade mochilas! Get a sneak peek at our new photoshoot on our social media page next week! Here at Cocoyana, we try and embody the brand through our photos. We want to bring pictures to life through our colorful products and excellent San Diego views. 

Thanks for reading this week! Stay tuned for more blogging next Monday :)

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