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Cocoyana's photo shoot at Balboa Park

November 07, 2016

Cocoyana's photo shoot at Balboa Park

We had an untypical day last Saturday and it was just amazing! After a couple months without new images we decided to work on this one to introduce our new collection of wicker bags, Wayuu mochilas and Wayuu bracelets. We have chosen Balboa park for the location because there we can find a lot of green, trees, nature and cool construction to be the backgrounds of our images. We have chosen places such as the rose garden, the desert garden and the small country village inside the park. We arrived there at 9 am to catch the perfect sun light, after 4 hours of taking pictures, changing clothes, carrying bags all over the place, looking for nice spots, we got more than 4000 photos! And we are sure that it will be worth it and the result will be a blast. Of course, at the end of the day these pictures will be narrowed down Santiago, our photographer was there making his amazing and professional work; as always, he knows excatly what to do so it made our life easier there. At this time, we had 6 girls, yes, 6 girls! Can you imagine how fun it was? Leia, Leticia, Carolina, Laryssa, April and Julia were the models for our awesome photo shoot. The cool thing is that they are all different, from each other which make it even more interesting! But at the same time it was a important aspect since our customers are all different as well so we want to make sure everyone knows that our bags fits on everybody! No matter what are you looking for we have bags for everyone! According with the brand concept we have tried to represent the bohemian & modern style and, at this time, inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. We have chosen theses decades because they still are trendy now, besides it is modern and at the same time remind us of the hippie style which covers the aspects of freedom and peace. Speaking about peace we can’t wait to share with you guys the photos of our peace wicker bag collection, with pompoms OMG, they are just amazing. For this season we betted on warm colors since the winter breeze is approaching. Colors like Purple & orange, black and white, light green, brown were our choice for this collection. Here it goes; a sneak peek of what is coming, I hope you guys like the result, we have been working hard to be what we have promised to be: someone’s smile today =) img_3971-min img_4016-min img_4015-min          


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