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Color Trends and Campus Fashion

April 02, 2018

Color Trends and Campus Fashion

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about color trends and fashion on campus. Color trends change yearly and this year, vibrant colors are in. Bright and bold colors are accompanied by metallic as neutral colors. Most importantly, color of the year is ultra violet, according to Pantone.

These color trends have have a huge effect on what students wear around the campus. Even with casual jeans and T-shirt look, vibrant colors are incorporated in T-shirt graphics. Also, more metallic clothing is worn and even if students wear blend color clothing, vibrant colors are still shown through accessories such as bold statement earrings, vibrant color backpacks, and colorful necklaces.

Jewelry is an important part of campus fashion and color trends. This year, bright pom-pom and tassel earrings are very popular and worn with many different styles whether it’s casual or fancy. Also, colorful stone necklaces are presented in every-day look.

Color is everywhere around us, especially this year when vibrant colors are seen more often than ever! Make sure to brighten up your closet with colorful items and keep up with today’s trends!

We appreciate you reading this week’s blog post on colors and campus fashion! Check back in next Monday for a new post!

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