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Denim never goes out of style!

October 24, 2016

Denim never goes out of style!

Today we will talk about what never goes out of style: Denim! Which kind of person are you? The one who has a bunch of jeans the one who only wears their favorite? One thing we know: Everybody has that irreplaceable old pair which you won’t change for anything, right? In 2016, It couldn’t be any different, since forever, Demin has been on our closets, by our sides no matter what. We love all kinds of denim, so lets talk about denim shirts: They are, like jeans, timeless and we never get bored of them, and that’s why is a essential in our closet. We already know that denim jeans are super easy to match, but a denim shirt provides a sophisticated touch; we know that we can use them with a casual look but also in a cool style, making it more upscale. We have to admit that changing denim trends can be frustrating. After all, a pair of quality jeans can be a significant investment, which means you obviously want to be able to wear them for more than just a season or two. So here we go with some tips on how to chose the classics: • Showing a little ankle is supremely flattering and leg lengthening. • Keep it simple, classic back pockets. • Boyfriend jeans are the easiest, for a cool street style look, use them with a t-shirt and a cool shoe. For a perfect street style look you will need a super cool bag and thats why we are here, to talk about which kind of bag you can use to have a gourgeous outfit. If you dont have too much time to think about what to wear, nothing is easier than jeans and a Colombian Wayuu bag, with Miley Cyrus on the image.

Miley cyrus cocoyana wayuu bag

Demin on demin is still a super trend which you can easily copy, try to create the easiest combinations by starting out with pairing different shades of denim together, like white jeans and a blue denim jacket, or black jeans and a chambray shirt. It’s almost impossible to go wrong this way. The same happens with out Wicker bags, they are perfect to match with denim!

Demin on demin cocoyana wicker bag

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