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Did you know how long it takes to make a single Mochila?

February 26, 2018

Did you know how long it takes to make a single Mochila?

Wayuu bags, also known as Mochilas, are handmade by the Wayuu People. Mothers teach their children how to weave the bags at a very young age and it has been passed from generations to generations.

Typically, it takes up to fifteen days to make a single mochila. Depending on a size, it takes much longer to weave a mini mochila rather than a big mochila. There is so much that goes into making these bags. Wayuus have to pick the colors they are working with, then pick a pattern and follow it, then weave the bag which takes the longest.

It is important to appreciate these items especially after knowing how much work goes into it. Cocoyana takes pride in acknowledging hard work Wayuus provide so we make sure to give them back part of the profit. These are not just bags but piece of art. All the vibrant colors and unique patterns make Wayuu bags one of a kind.

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