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Five Great winter getaways

November 15, 2016

Five Great winter getaways

We know it still looks like summer in Cali, but it wont be long right? The winter is coming soon, so here it goes five amazing beach destinations to get away from the cold season! 1. Tulum/ Mexico Mexican dream, soft sand and turquoise water is perfect to enjoy this ït”destination. Located in a Maya ruin makes it even more interesting. There you can find a variety of places to explore and is also excellent to cave diving. Our choice for Tulum is one of our amazing wayuu bags, they are handmade by the Native Colombian Wayuus which make them so exclusive like this destination, their bright colors will match perfectly to a day on that beach.


    2. Hawaii / USA Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago, Known as the “ valey Isle” , Maui its an outstanding destination to explore any kind of activity, including whale watching ( dec – apr ), snorkeling, surf and hiking. There are options for all tastes, from activities for kids to romantic tours. To match with the volcanos background we have chosen the Muralla bikini, with shades of purple and large straps, it will be a good option to  enjoy a sunny day at the beach and explore the island.

muralla cocoyana                

  3. Cartagena / Colombia Our inspiring city, its impossible to not falling in love. Cartagena has lots of beautiful beaches, so doesn’t matter which one will be your choice, you will love the colombian vibe, almost every day is a good day at the beach because the avarage temperature in 27.7ºC, isn’t that amazing? But what is a perfect landscape without a gorgeous bikini? Our Azul profundo bikini will be the best choice for this trip! The blue color will match perfectly with the clean water and make your photos awesome, take a look:


          4. Fernando de Noronha/ Brazil One of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil, Fernando de Noronha is an island located on the northeast coast of the country, its a paradise on earth. Its a super exclusive beach, only 420 tourists are allowed to be on the island per day. There are a bunch of amazing activities to do there, such as snorkeling and diving, these one are amazing once you can find colorful fish, dolphins , lobters and turtles! With tropical colors you have the best oportunity to use one of our tassel Wicker bags from the new collection, their color are so vibrant that will be impossible not to rock it out! Our choice for Fernando de Noronha is this one, what do you think?   img_4079          


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