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Get ready for the next amazing music festival!

October 10, 2016

Get ready for the next amazing music festival!

Who doesn’t love a good music festival? It’s a great opportunity to listen to good music, have a good time with your friends and show up with a super cool outfit! With so much going on, sometimes we don’t have time to think about that perfect outfit, Inspired on Desert trip Festival, which happened last weekend and will happen on the next one as well we have decided to help you get ready for the next amazing music festival. We love boho chic style, boho is perfect for the warmer weather. It’s also extremely versatile, meaning this ultra-mellow style can be worn at any age, it’s a super trendy, and the perfect way to rock! As we have been saying on the blog, accessorizing is the most important thing to do, this will make you look more playful and bold, and Cocoyana can provide you the perfect ones! We are going to talk today about our beloved Wayuu bags because they are the right choice for you in this kind of event, you can use them to carry all the essentials in which you can not forget:


Snacks ( always good to be prepared, right?)

Wallet Tickets ( It’s seems to be obvious, but believe me, there are people who forget)



Don’t forget a neutral layer

For the clothes: Leather, transparency, cropped tank tops are the “its” for festivals, you can also wear a simple dress, but for all these options, embellish it with cool accessories, starting from rings, bracelets, to necklaces and earrings. Make it look gypsy-like and hippie inspired. For the hair, leave it wild, or put it into a braid, they are so cute! Bracelets: Don’t forget about them! They will make your outfit absolutely awesome!

 Our Cocoyana Bracelets are perfect for that, and it will be even better if you mix           the Wayuu ones with the leather ones!



  Flash tattoos: put as much as you can, they are super cool and the icing on the cake Doesn’t matter which kind of music you like, you can always find one that fits you. Now that you have the perfect outfit,



here are some of the next upcoming festivals so you have enough time to save money and be prepared for the best time of your life! Here it goes:


Oct 14-16 - Desert Trip

Oct 28-30 - Voodoo Experience

Dec 29-31 - Snowglobe


Apr 14-23 - Coachella Music Festival

May Dates unconfirmed -Lightning in a Bottle

Aug 3-6 - Lollapalooza

Chicago 2017

Sep 15-17 - Kaaboo


Check out our new arrivals on the website and be ready for your next event! Would you like to read about a specific topic? Let us know by leaving a review, we would love to hear from you!

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