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How to start a great week!

October 17, 2016

How to start a great week!

How to start a great week! We know how hard it is to have everything ready to start the week, specially motivation, where is motivation? The answer maybe is: Nowhere. BUT it can be different if you spend a little time on the day before to plan your week. Sundays: We understand you we are completely lazy, but a good week can start with a trade off, take a little bit of your time on sunday and it can change your whole week, and perhaps make Monday not that bad. Usually being late makes us stressful, when some things goes the wrong way or we forget something at home, it can throw us off and ruin our day, so here are some tips on how to organize yourself and your routine: 1. Refletion: Think about your last week, what was good, what was bad? What you didn’t finish or could have made different? And Think about this week, what would I like to finish, what are my new goals? Have I been doing something wrong? And then make a list, write your conclusions down and what you can change. It will only take a few minutes and can help you visualize your routine and reach your goals. 2. Bags, clothes and shoes Maybe it sounds silly, you will probably think this is a quick task which could be made in the morning, but the point is, if you are late in the morning, it will be one more thing to make you late. So having your clothes and shoes already chosen will help a lot, about the bag, let it be eady to go, with all your Essentials inside for the next day. Bag essentials              

  3. Food/snacks                                                                                                

    Let your snacks for the next day be already separated with what you going to eat It will help you in the morning and this is essential if you are on a diet. 4. Relax Slip these important steps stated above into your sunday stated and relax, have everythig ready for monday and use the end of the day to relax, read a book, have a cup of tea, hot chocolate, meditate and think positive! All these things can help you to have a better sleep. Of course these tips are for non planners and we hope we can help you a little bit to start your amazing week and we are sure you will feel relieved and have a less stressful monday. What do you think about putting these steps into pratice , let us know the results. If you are an organized person,and don’t have this kind of issue or have other tips to add , you can help us by leaving a review with your opnion and your own experice, we would love to hear from you! To purchase the bag on the image, check out our website on the “whicker bags” section!

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