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How We Choose Our Fabrics

July 18, 2017

How We Choose Our Fabrics

🌴Hello Beloved Cocoyana Community🌴,

Ever wondered how a company chooses designs and makes decision on its prints and colors. If yes, you will get some insides on how we do it here at Cocoyana. Erica our designer decides towards the beginning of each season which colors and materials are very up-to-date and trendy. Then she talks to manufacturers in Medellin and they give her further insights on upcoming trends and colors that are requested by most fashion designers within the region. 


Before we continue to talk on how we choose and make the decision it is important for you to know that Medellin is one of the biggest manufacturing cities in South America. Currently several of bigger clothing brands manufacture their products in Medellin. For example does Diesel 95% of all their jeans and t-shirts in Medellin. Clothing and Sport brands such as Adidas and Nike even have factories down there. Due that Erica has a huge variety where she can choose from. We prefer to work with the locals and smaller companies that do the fabrics over a longer period of time and in way smaller quantities. Due to that we are able to provide a better relationship and the fabrics are made by hand!

How We Select A Design

Now back to how we choose the fabrics. Each year our team decides on a City that is in Colombia and stands for specific colors and symbols. Last year our collection was Cartagena, which is on the east-side of the country and has its beaches in the Caribbean. Due to that we went with very "beachy" and ocean orientated colors. Once we make the decision on the city, Erica knows which colors would be a great fit. This year we decided to go with Loren's and Erica's hometown which is Medellin and lays in the Mountains of Antioquia. Medellin is known for the green landscape and beautiful flowers. Due to that our 2017 collections features a green cocoyana bikinis and more vibrant colors that relate to the flowers that grow in Medellin.


The cities do not only help which designs we choose they also help us by giving the bikinis some names. So this year we went with names that could be accosted with flowers and Medellin itself. This way we stay unique and it makes it easier to provide a unique way of colorful names.


If you are interested to hear more about our fabrics and designs so please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is always happy to provide you with more information. All of our bikinis and bottoms also include the gold Cocoyana Palm-Tree (Our Cocoyana Symbol) and due to that you know if you have an original or not. (See image below)

 Thank You Folks & Happy Shopping....

Team Cocoyana 


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