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Let’s review Spring & Summer 2019 in matters of jewelry and beachwear

May 21, 2019

Let’s review Spring & Summer 2019 in matters of jewelry and beachwear

Spring is heading towards California and we want to make sure everyone is fashionably ready! Designers have made Spring/Summer 19’ collections inspired by traveling and architecture. Can you think of a city that has inspired you to dress differently? For starters, let’s go back to Chanel being inspired by Havana, Cuba on their previous collection. Today, designers have been inspired by the colorful village of Portofino, Italy. The location of inspiration for many designers have led to such vibrant and colorful beachwear and jewelry designs for the SS19 capsule.  

The most important rule in fashion is not following the collection religiously, but getting bits and pieces from each designer to come up with your own SS19 style. 

California is always the first to come up with a unique style and we are sure SS19 will be customized by Californians. Therefore, here is a basic overview of what Spring/Summer capsules brought. 


Beachwear SS19

What are the colors? Blk, White, Royal Blue, Petal Rose Pink, Lavender, Red 

What are the patterns? Palm tree leaves, Solid color, Stripes

What are the silhouettes? Long sleeve bikini top, Long sleeve bodysuit, Matching sarong & bathing suit with a belt 


Jewelry Spring & Summer 2019

What are the materials? Rhodium-based jewelry & Thread bracelets

What are the base metals? Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver

What are the colors? Petal Rose Pink, Red, Blue, White, Turquoise green 

What are the symbols? Half Moon, Stars, Evil eye, Horseshoe, Solitaires

Now that you have the basics of SS19 it’s time to plan out outfits using the information we provided.  

A completed casual look for SS19 would be a very dainty gold necklace, one hot pink thread bracelet, one gold bracelet, and a solid color bikini.

A completed chic look for SS19 would be a half moon necklace with a matching sarong/swimsuit.

A completed edgy look for SS19 would be multiple color thread bracelets, an ankle bracelet, and a patterned bikini. 

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