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Make a statement!

December 02, 2015

Make a statement!

Make a statement! Do you ever feel like your outfit is missing a final touch? There is no better way to top it off than with a necklace. Adding this accessory is just like adding a statement to your whole outfit. Even putting on a simple necklace, like our silver feather or our anchor necklace, can add a cute touch to your outfit. One can never have too many accessories on. We have all sorts of options that you can mix and match with. You can either go from pairing it with your bikini and sunglasses or even a nice sweater and jeans for the cold season. Our Hamsa necklace is definitely the “go-to” product; looks cute with everything and obviously trendy! Hold on, there is more! You do not only get the chance to add an accessory to your outfit but also to your bag as well. Bag charms have been so in that we have become obsessed with them. Now your bag can make a statement as well. There is nothing cuter than a small elephant, peace sign, or even a Buddha hanging on the side of your Cocoyana bag. So do not be afraid to make a statement and make your choice! xx

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