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Nation Style Packs

November 30, 2018

Nation Style Packs

Our new Nation Style packs have arrived in store! We, as a multicultural company, enjoy providing for our international supporters! We cater to all types of summer, whether you’re enjoying your summer in the golden coasts of Australia or the black beaches of Hawaii, we have something in store for you!

Based on our front page map, we have created these style packs in honor of our international supporters. Our style packs are represented by different countries all over the world. We have created different packs for a variety of countries in accordance to the vibe we felt from each style packs. For example, our Colombian style pack displays the vibrant people of Columbia.

Each style packs were handmade to represent the country of choice and were created to bring the nations together. But, all and all, we aim to represent the different supporters of Cocoyana through our Nation Style packs. These style packs are our way of thanking you and honoring the continued support from everyone all over the world.

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