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Necklaces Galore!

October 02, 2017

Necklaces Galore!

It's time to talk about necklaces..because why not?!

Necklaces have always been so versatile. Lately, the 90's trends have made a huge comeback. This year, we have seen a lot of chokers and more delicate looking jewelry. Necklaces are a perfect way to spice up any ordinary outfit. Don't feel like putting on your best outfit for the day? Throw a necklace on! It's guaranteed to add a little flare if your outfit is a little more on the plain side. 

Our team has recently provided brand new necklace styles for our customers! Yes, MORE NEW PRODUCTS! Our new necklaces come with adorable elephant and turtle charms. We have styles in new rose gold! As well as gold and silver. And, to make sure we are keeping up with the ever changing trends...ALL of our necklaces are adjustable! So whether you want a tighter necklace or a looser one, you can have it both ways! It's the best of both worlds 😉

At Cocoyana, it is our mission to provide beautiful handmade products. We do not sacrifice quality because we know that it is important to deliver exceptional products. We hope you enjoyed todays blog post! Stop by next week for more 😀

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