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January 24, 2017


Wayuu New Products After a trip on the summer season on the charm Colombian cities, enjoying the warm weather on south America, we have the pleasure to visit again the amazing beaches and the romantic streets of Colombia. And of course, go into our roots and bring what they have best on quality and fashion aspects. We are happy to announce our new wayuu products, this time with new colors, sizes and types. As known, Our Wayuu mochilas, backpacks, and bracelets are all genuinely made by the Native Wayuu people of Colombia. Cocoyana Our goal is to support these people in a time of despair for them. We have given them the opportunity to work with us to make a living in this difficult time. With each purchase of any of our products, a portion of the profit goes directly to the Colombian tribe in order to help them as much as we can. These people offer you beautiful and 100% authentically handmade products through our company, and with your help we can help support them in their time of need.   Coming soon: Small wayuu bags – NEW they are so cute! They are versatile and can be used in any occasion. Perfect to hang out with friends or for a walk on the beach. small wayuu bag          

Wayuu anklets – NEW ! They are amazing, perfect to use everyday! They are super trendy and it is also a good present to give to your friends! screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-28-50-am            

Leather bracelets – New colors and charms, you can choose your favorite, it is a stylish way to show your personality and lifestyle to the world.



    Wicker bags- Now you can buy them flat, we love it ! It is perfect for those who prefer them basic. You can combine it with any outfit, you can use it from a day on the beach to a street style look.



  All these new products we will be avaiable for purchase next week, don’t miss out!

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