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New season, same essentials - Tips for Fall 2016

September 26, 2016

New season, same essentials - Tips for Fall 2016

The new season has arrived and summer is over now, but are we sad about it? Of course not! Every change comes with new beginnings and with the idea of rethinking what we have been doing so far, we have to keep what was good and improve those things which weren't. That’s the way life is and the same thing happens with our closet! Yes, you read it right, with our closet is the same and that’s why we are going to talk about our beloved bags! This is the best part of having a Cocoyana bag, you can use it in any season, finally one less thing to worry about! Versatile and wonderful, our bags complete the outfit in every single way. Nothing is worse than having to overthink your outfit in the morning, right? That’s why we created a list of tips showing how to not waste time when choosing your outfit and accessories, Here we go:

1. Choose Neutral colors Black, White, grey, nude and demin, nothing's easier! With that you can always be elegant and match with everything! What is going to make your outfit an “IT” outfit is our tip number two:

2. Accessorize it! Definitely, Bags are the perfect way to do that. Everyone knows that bags are essentials, so the more options you have the better, this way you can always look different. But you should always have that one that matches with everything at anytime and Cocoyana’s bag is exactly like that, that’s why we are so obssesed with them! Put it with Cocoyana’s bracelets and it will be even better!

3. Want to be even more exclusive? Did I hear customize? YES! Customizing is a super trend! We love the fact that it's possible to add your personal touch to them and make it your own style. From the initial of your name to a personal sentiment, like your dog!

4. Where to use them? Everywhere, literaly! Bags and backpacks: from going to school to the gym, hanging out with friends , shopping, going to the beach of course, since we live in the land of endless summer you can put anything inside, making your life easier. Clutches: from hanging out with your friends, going to the movies, going out to have dinner and even to a party! Summer 2016’s trend, our wicker bags have made many appearances on all fashion weeks, and in this fall it won’t be any different. We hope that you like it our tips and you can be more confident showing us that all of our hard work was worth every second. If you don't have one of our bags yet, what are you waiting for? Go get your own Cocoyana bag! Would like to read about a specific topic? Let us know by leaving a review, we would love to hear from you!

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