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Photoshoot La Jolla Downtown

April 21, 2016

Photoshoot La Jolla Downtown

Hey Guys, It was just about time again and we had to make another photo shooting with our lovely Bruna in La Jolla. This time Santiago our Photographer decided again to work with her since she gets more and more familiar with our products and what style we like to represent. She has done like always an incredible job. We didn't expect anything else going to happen. The entire shooting found place at two different places, one was in "La Jolla Downtown" and the other one at "Gorge at the Cove". Gorge at the cove is know for the beautiful sunset and the seals that are swimming along the shores. We have been so amazed by the response we have received for the last shooting which has taken place at "WindanSea", that we were just trying to deliver more visuals this time in order to represent our products even better on our website and other market places. We had to take some pictures that would be very beneficial to represent the bohemian & modern style. Due to that the shooting took place at 5pm-7.30pm in order to catch the sundowner. After 2 1/2 hour of exhausting taken pictures as fast as possible in order to get as much as possible image, we were all pretty happy that i was finally done. During dinner which we usually have after shooting, we discovered that we managed to take more than 600 images. This is a lot and necessary at the same time in order to give our customers a better overview of our products. With more than 250 products on the page and several new upcoming products we could shoot for days. At the end of the day we narrowed the pictures down to 200 in order to use the best ones. After the mentioned shooting, Santiago our Photographer had to shoot even more pictures since we have several new product designs. This has taken place the day after in order to rap up the shooting. As dedicated as Santiago is he finished everything up and provided images to the team that were outstanding. Please see yourself, we hope that you guys like them and that they will help you to get a better overview about our new Mochila and Bikini products.

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