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Photoshooting with Bruna

March 25, 2016

Photoshooting with Bruna

Photoshoot with Bruna Like the other years we decided even this time to do a photoshoot at our most preferred and beloved beach spot in San Diego, which is Windansea. Therefore Loren, our Business Developer gathered a team of five people together in order to turn our "Spring Photoshoot" into a complete success. This time our company photographer, Santiago has decided to shoot just with Bruna since she seemed to be very amazed by the designs of the products and because of her Brazilian background she was a perfect fit for our South American bikini line. This turned out to be the right thing to do since we were all astonished how well she did on set. She was very professional with her knowledge of how to feature the bikinis, which made it a smoother process overall. We started to shoot around 4 pm in order to catch the sun while it was going down. This gave us the ability to work with different natural lighting to create perfect images for our web and print catalog. During the shooting we have combined our new bikini products with some of our other feather products. It was just beautiful to see how lovely our bikini line goes hand in hand with our wicker bags and Mochilas. In order to top that we decided to go even an step further and added our Wayuu bracelets and necklaces into the photoshoot. After a three hour shoot and hundreds of pictures, we were all very happy that the shooting was done and successful. Especially Bruna was looking forward to put on some warm clothing due to the windy weather that had overcome Windansea during sundowner. Our Catalog will be released on the first of April. Further updates are always available on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Happy Eastern wishes the Cocoyana Team.

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