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June 20, 2015


Hello Summer! Summer is here and we are enjoying it to the fullest. Time to hit up the beach, work on that tan, and just have some fun. Here are 5 reasons why we think summer is the best season featuring our favorite products! 1) Summer Clothes = Less Hassle Although layering your clothes when it’s cold out may be a fun for some, throwing on a sundress or a tank and skirt takes less effort and let’s you experiment with brighter colors that you may not wear other seasons. Add some sandals and a Cocoyana bag and you are ready to seize the day! 2) Sand, Sea, Sun! Let’s face it; the beach is the best part of summertime. You can catch some waves, lay out, go paddle boarding, play volleyball, ride a bike along the boardwalk… the possibilities are endless! What better way to catch some vitamin D then doing your favorite activities on or near some sand? Add a flash tattoo to brighten up your look and leave your jewelry at home where it won’t get lost. Just don’t forget the sunblock! 3) The Sunsets Summer provides us with some lovely sunsets that color the sky in pretty pastels and help us unwind. It’s a good time to cozy up with loved one’s and enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the beauties of life. We live for these peaceful moments and that is why we proudly wear our peace sign bracelets to remind us to slow down and enjoy life’s precious moments. 4) Road Trips Not all fun in the sun has to be near a beach. Summertime is also a good time to load up the car and hit the road with family or friends and explore new cities and sites. Open the windows or sunroof and enjoy the summer breeze and pack up your Cocoyana bag with some goodies and games to play in the car. Road trips make for great adventures and unforgettable memories. 5) Ice Cream We scream for ice cream! It is the best way to keep cool on a hot summer day. This is also the season of barbeques and cold drinks. We like to hit up a beach or pool with our friends and have a potluck involving our favorite summer treats. Pair it with some good cocktails and fun décor and now it’s a summertime party… and you know we won’t be forgetting the ice cream!

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