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Summer 2016 Boho Trend

July 11, 2016

Summer 2016 Boho Trend

Summer 2016 Boho Trend Summer is here and you can reveal the 2016 summer style trends with Boho outfits with light handmade bags!! During the hot sunny days, your day outfit will become your night look. At this time of the year, you can wear outgoing bohemian styles that can take you to a beach outings and evening hangouts in a snap. This sun-drenched season is about swimming in the pool and having a marshmallow around bonfire at night. All these fun activities leads to 2016 summer fashion trend of boho outfits: transparent cropped tank tops, ripped cut-offs and boxy tees that will make your summer activities even more fun. Bohemian style is a free spirited style with comfortable dresses and trendy accessories. If you want to wear simple outfits, you can also match with cute accessories such as flash tattoos, rings, bracelets and necklaces to finish up your boho style. With your ideal summertime bohemian dresses, matching a bag is rather difficult but I recommend to try Cocoyana wicker bags to match your perfect summer outfit. Wicker bags are great for daily activities, especially your summer activities that will perfectly match 2016 summer trend of bohemian style. These handmade bags have high quality fabric tassels outside to bold your style. No matter if you are on your own way to summer activities, your wicker bags are perfectly ideal to carry your items and finish up your styles. Even better, embellish your styles with Cocoyana handmade bracelets that matches your wicker bag colors. You can also check out our style packs that include bracelets and bags at the same time!

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