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Swimsuits with Prints for 2016 Summer

August 01, 2016

Swimsuits with Prints for 2016 Summer

This summer, swimsuits with prints are a common sight, especially at California Beach where sun-drenched weather highlights beautiful prints. Prints appear on all types of 2016 summer bikini trends, despite the swimwear style. Gorgeous designs appear on bikinis will perfectly give beach vibe that you are looking for. Mixed prints look fresh in swimwear and they are thrown in unique design pieces. Cocoyana swimwear also has stylish patterns with cool colors to upgrade your summer look. Our bikini line is ensured by the city of Cartagena, Colombia. All of bikinis are manufactured and designed from Colombia. Each bikini represents a city and has different colors and patterns. The colors and prints are all different and colors also add freshness in the water. The bikinis come in shoulder straps and come in luscious fabric to comfortably wear. All of bikinis have Cocoyana palm metal tree on the front. This summer, before you go out on a beach activity, make sure to find unique, stylish printed bikinis that will perfectly allow tan lines and upgrade your bikini style look. Make sure to check out the Cocoyana style of the Cartagena Collection as well.

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