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The Bikini World

June 29, 2016

The Bikini World

One can never have enough bikinis. Every summer we are all hyped up and excited to get our new bikinis for the season. But we do not always have to wait until summer; how about those vacation getaways to Cabo Wabo or Miami. We are happy to announce or new upcoming Cartagena bikini collection inspired by Cartagena Columbia colors which were designed by our amazing designer Erika Cano. These bikinis will make you feel like you are living the ultimate summer vacation with the perfect beachy look. Cocoyana is all about adding exotic colors, fun prints, and cute details to our bikinis. One of our designs has the Cocoyana logo all over it on a white design. All of our bikinis are the perfect fit for just about every body type. Just like everyone has their go-to dress, we all need some type of go-to bikini and these are the perfect choice. You can match them with a cute sun dress and sun glasses. You really cannot go wrong with any of these designs. The Cocoyana team, especially Cano, worked really hard for these pieces to make you feel like a model strutting down the beach sand. Now it is time to get out of that hibernation mode and start working on your beach body. The warm weather is just around the corner and it is inevitable to not think about what bikinis you will buy this season. It is very important to think about ourselves, our self-image, and always feel comfortable with how we look. Taking care of your body is a must and remembering to eat healthy. Even if it is just a walk on the beach or riding your bike every day, that is perfect to make you feel energized and with a sense of passion to keep moving forward. Step by step and you will reach your goal. Our bikinis vary in styles. You can either go for the cute strapless design to prevent those tan lines or go for the perfect classic triangle look. On the outer part they have ruffly edges adding nice detail to the pieces. Some of them even have an extra strap to go around the bottom of your bikini top, which adds the fun detail to it. If you go for the classic triangle look, you can pair it up with some jewelry or a fun kimono. Remember to share with us your Cocoyana looks and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @cocoyanafashion.

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