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The Reason Someone Smiles Today

March 11, 2017

The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Ever wonder why our tagline is “The Reason Someone Smiles Today”? Cocoyana prides itself on giving our customers a customized, authentically made product of the highest quality. However, it is not just the product that we are giving, it is the emotion behind the product. We believe our products tell a story that provokes happiness and a sense of love. Our Wayuu mochilas, backpacks, and bracelets are all 100% handmade by the native Wayuu Tribe of Colombia. Each design incorporated into every Mochila is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bag’s colors, patterns and shapes. The weaver takes careful precision in her storytelling, making sure that each Mochila and bracelet is a strong representation of Wayuu culture. Cocoyana decided to team up with the Wayuu people in order to pay homage to Cocoyana’s Colombian roots. We have given them the opportunity to work with us in order to tell a story through our products and to our customers – a story that needs to be heard.

With each purchase of any Cocoyana product, a portion of the profit goes directly to the Wayuu people in order to show them our appreciation. Cocoyana allows people to smile because they are receiving beautiful, handmade products as well as giving back to the Wayuu Tribe. We are more than a brand, we are a lifestyle that emulates a carefree, laidback back vibe. We allow our customers to have the perfect way to carry all of their beach essentials in our wicker bags, or even just their groceries at the store. On top of these bags, we allow our customers to feel connected to our products through our customization feature. Whether it be your friend’s initials, your initials, or your hometown, Cocoyana will bring a smile to you or your friends faces with these customized, personal wicker bags.


Here are a few things that are 100% guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-10-06-16-pm

Our Customizable Wicker bags! These bags are perfect for putting your initials on, your sorority letters, or even your hometown! Whether you keep it for yourself or give it to a friend, these bags show that you care. Use our code SMILE in order to get 15% off our entire site to be the reason someone smiles today!


Our Cocoyana bag charms! These are the perfect way to spice up any bag and add your own personal touch! They come in various style such as our elephant charms, our peace sign charms, or even our pink or orange pom pom charms! They are a perfect gift for a birthday, housewarming, or just so you and your friends can




Our Cocoyana bikinis! These new bikinis are the perfect staple for any Spring Break trip! They come in many different styles such as our classic Cocoyana bikini, our Muralla bikini, or our Papaya bikini! These bikinis are awesome for showing off your personal style while lounging on the beach! Don’t forget to use our code SMILE to get 15% off our entire site!

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