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The Wayuus

February 11, 2018

The Wayuus

The Wayuu people, who come from Colombia and Venezuela are a community who practice ancient traditions and live in small, isolated communities. The Wayuus create their own home from palm leaves and cactus; their homes only include simple pieces of furniture such as hammocks and fire pits. These people have fought many battles for their values and independence. For survival and passion, Wayuus farm and create crafts. What connects Cocoyana to Wayuus is the creating crafts part. Most of our merchandise, including wicker bags, Wayuu bags, Wayuu bracelets, and clutches, come from these modest and hardworking people.

Wayuus pass their crafting skills from generation to generation. Each family member takes the time to teach their children how to weave. They use vibrant colors and unique patterns to create bags, blankets, bracelets, and many more. Each design is their way of expressing intelligence and creativity. It is important to know that each and every design has its own story that is told through the patterns and colors. Wayuus work incredibly hard to tell a story though each product they make. Even though making creative items is their passion and way of living, it does not mean it is easy; it takes each Wayuu about twenty five days to weave a large bag.

Cocoyana appreciates the hard work Wayuus put into making products for us and part of our profit goes towards their work. Our goals is to carry on their stories and share them with you. Next time you buy an item made by the Wayuus, remember how hard they work to make this for you and think of the story they are trying to tell through the bright colors and patterns.

Thank you for reading our blog post and be sure to check back in next Monday for more!

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