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The Year of The Elephant

October 23, 2017

The Year of The Elephant

In 2017, we have seen a very popular elephant trend. Elephants are usually featured in clothing and especially with jewelry. The elephant trend in jewelry gives off a bohemian vibe which has been a popular style over the past few years. In many african cultures, the elephant symbolizes strength and power. In fashion, the elephant can be seen as a sort of playful animal, giving an outfit the perfect amount of playfulness. 

Cocoyana knows that the elephant is very popular and we have brought it to our customers! Our newest necklaces feature an adorable elephant charm that come in silver, gold, and rose gold. They are also featured on our newest Wayuu bracelets that come in gold. Not only do our latest Wayuu bracelets include the elephant charm, but they also come with awesome new designs that embody the Colombian culture. 

Not only are these latest accessory pieces trendy, but they can be worn together! Check out your favorite styles now and get decked out in Cocoyana elephant accessories! 

All Cocoyana products are authentically handmade by the Native Wayuu Tribe of Colombia and raw materials are selected together with Colombian manufacturers. We support local market so, in an effort to give back, each purchase of any of our products has a portion of the profit that goes directly to the Colombian tribe. That way we can offer unique fashion to our clients and a business opportunity to Colombian Tribe partners.

Stop by next week for another awesome blog post! Thanks for reading 😍

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