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To do list for the Summer 2015

June 04, 2015

To do list for the Summer 2015

The wait is over and summer 2015 is finally here! Take advantage of these weeks of sunshine and freedom to go explore and try things you’ve never done before. Grab your Cocoyana beach bag and head out to try some of these summer-time activities! Summer 2015;-)! 1. Walk on the boardwalk 2. Go to a drive-in movie theater 3. Make a bonfire with friends 4. Go to an amusement park 5. Make lemonade from scratch 6. Go to a farmer’s market 7. Have a barbecue 8. Watch the sunset 9. Go camping 10. Play soccer on the beach 11. Go kayaking 12. Take a last-minute road trip 13. Have a water balloon fight 14. Write in a journal everyday 15. Read a book 16. Have a yard sale 17. Try a new restaurant 18. Go to the beach 19. Make a summer playlist 20. Go to the zoo 21. Make a scavenger hunt 22. Do yoga outside 23. Sing karaoke 24. Watch the sunrise 25. Make memories

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