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Totes n' Trends

November 14, 2015

Totes n' Trends

Pom poms here, pom poms there, pom poms everywhere! This season we are all about fun and creative designs for our wicker tote bags. To start off, one of our amazing designs will have tassels coming down from the top of the tote bag. This will add a fashionable and trendy look to your whole outfit. You will also see peace signs in front of the bag


made out of pom poms. If you are feeling poppy and colorful, the multicolored pom pom peace sign will be the right one for you. But, you will also have the option to wear a more classic and fall-y look with the all black pom pom peace sign. Both definitely reveal a fashionable style and popping trend. We are obsessing over our new wicker tote bags with zippers on them! Now you will not have to worry about things falling out of your bag and making sure everything stays inside. With the new styles coming out, you will have the option of a tote with a zipper to close it all together or one with easy-no-zipper access to it. Other bags will have all sorts of symbols painted on them, bold stripes and cute decorations. If you are feeling kind of lazy with your outfit one day, there is no need to worry. Adding one of our new collection Cocoyana bags to a casual outfit adds the perfect fashionable look. This is one of the best parts of the dashing and colorful designs on our bags. It matches with just about everything and is easy to carry around to the beach, fashion malls, and even grocery shopping. We have all sorts of varieties that you definitely cannot go wrong with them. It is time to add some fun and different styles to your fall outfits. Instead of wearing a simple, single colored bag why not go out of your ordinary look. What better way to show off your fall fashion look with something different. Adding bright colors, peace signs, and tassels to your style will add a unique look to your whole outfit. Remember to be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios! xx

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