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Trend - New Bracelets just hit our site!

February 06, 2017

Trend - New Bracelets just hit our site!


With Spring on its way, sweaters are slowly turning into tank tops and pants are being traded out for shorts. This change in weather goes hand in hand with showing more skin to accessorize! It’s the perfect time of year to complete any outfit with Cocoyana’s new leather bracelets that come complete with different charms and colors to match your vibe! These bracelets can be styled any way – alone for a more simple statement, or stacked up your arm for a bohemian, desert feel.    




Bohemian queen Vanessa Hudgens loves the stacked bracelet trend – especially for Coachella! This look gives off major desert vibes, which are so trendy right now. Get a head start on your Coachella outfit preparation by scoring yourself some Cocoyana leather bracelets to stack up like the queen herself – maybe you’ll even see this Coachella regular rocking out to Beyonce! These bracelets pair beautifully with flowy, colorful prints, just like Vanessa’s! These bold pops of color give off a fierce, confident vibe while still keeping that chill, beachy feel. Match them with our colorful, handmade Wayuu mochilas and you are ready to conquer the world! Tag us on Instagram @cocoyanafashion to show off how you style your Cocoyana bracelets!    

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-6-55-34-pmDress them up, dress them down, these light pink and mint green synthetic leather bracelets are perfect for any occasion! The adjustable band allows them to fit all wrist sizes and the accent leaf and eye charms will complete any look! For more styles and charms check out the rest of our Cocoyana bracelets!    


Charms, charms, and more charms! Spice up your life with Cocoyana’s trendy heart and crown charms on our synthetic tan and black leather bracelets complete with adjustable band. Add a pop of color to any outfit with our braided chevron bracelet – great for matching with friends or just for a fun day at the beach! These SoCal vibes will zen out your world and give you an aura of palm trees and sandy beaches! Make sure to check out more styles and colors on our site!  


Eye see you! Our Mediterranean inspired bracelets are not only comfortable but stylish. Put on your denim shorts, bikini top and Cocoyana bracelets to be the most stylish girl at the beach. Complete with an easily adjustable synthetic leather band and silver and gold charms – you won’t want to miss out on this! Check out our site for new and different charms that match your style! '    




Think pink with Cocoyana’s new charm bracelet! With an adjustable band and a synthetic leather feel, nothing screams California girl more than this. The perfect accessory to top off any summer day! This beach essential will pair perfectly with our Pink Summer Flowered Wayuu Mochila for an Instagram model-worthy feel! Make sure and tag us @cocoyanafashion to show off how you style these trendy leather bracelets!

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