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Upcoming Cocoyana Website Redesign

November 28, 2018

Upcoming Cocoyana Website Redesign

As a company that aspires to always improve our brand and make shopping easier, we have proceeded with completing a new design of our front page. In our previous layout, we have shown our styles through pictures and filling our front page with our most popular products. Although, the layout was evidently effective in showcasing our products, we felt that the front page was overwhelming to the eye. Not only was there a plethora of products and pictures thrown into the front page, but we felt there was no sense of unity.

So in accordance to unifying our front page, we have moved into a different theme that allows our products to be placed in a simpler manner. We have redesigned our pictures and products to be unified under the two colors of our company, Coconut Brown and our iconic Turquoise color. Along this idea, we have branched into placing Coconut Brown as borders to separate the different components of the front page. In addition to unifying the front page, the pictures have been recolored to match one another and display a warm tone.

The overall redesign of the front page was solely to simplify and unify everything. The effectiveness of the front page was already in order but finalizing the theme is what we hope to accomplish. We wanted to showcase San Diego’s warm weather into our brand and be able to bring this to our supporters all over the world. 

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