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Wayuu Style 2016

July 25, 2016

Wayuu Style 2016

This summer Wayuu style is getting on stylish trend! Do you know what mochila bags are?! They are made by Colombian Wayuus with natural thick cotton. Wayuu people are the Native Americans who live in northern Colombia and Venezuela area. Although they live near beautiful Caribbean ocean, they live in exotic area where they lack living essentials such as water, food and electricity due to their harsh conditions. Wayuu women, however, are great artists who passed down their complex form of weaving skills from mother to daughter for generations. With their amazing hand skills they make beautiful Wayuu art pieces such as mochila bags and bracelets. Their handmade arts are all unique and creative. The colors are vivid and each color and pattern has its own meaning. Today, many people support Wayuu family through buying their masterpieces of mochila bags and bracelets. Cocoyana Mochila bags and bracelets are 100% authentically made by Colombian Wayuu's and portion of the purchase proceeds directly to support these women. Mochila bags are made out of thick cotton treads but the touch feels like a soft fabric. The weaving method is uniquely made so they cannot be replicated. The handbag brings modern bohemian vibes with beautifully woven colorful pattern. In fact, mochila bags are getting on trend these days that the bags keep all the items secure while adding extra flare to the style. This summer, Cocoyana is having a summer discount on Wayuu mochila bags and bracelets to support more familities. You can also get trendy mochila and bracelets that will keep you on fashion trend and make you fashionable this summer!

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