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Which Kind of Bikini Fits You Best?

April 03, 2017

Which Kind of Bikini Fits You Best?

Which Kind of Bikini Fits You Best?

With Cocoyana’s new bikini launch, it’s time to find out which style of bikini fits your body best! We all come in many different shapes and sizes and it can make bikini shopping a pain sometimes. All of our bodies are beautiful and deserve to be dressed in the most flattering way! Use this guide to help you match your body type to the most flattering bikini and never be stressed about bikini shopping again!

 Pear Shaped: For all of our pear shaped ladies out there, the off the shoulder suit flatters your figure to no end! Rock one of these off the shoulder suits and you are ready to hit the beach! Color blocking ad vertical designs help to balance out your shoulders, while asymmetrical cuts help to flatter your frame. Cocoyana’s Tropico Limited Edition Bikini is the perfect way to flaunt your shoulders for all of our pear shaped ladies! The bold colors on the bust will help to accentuate your shoulders while still remaining cute and flirty! This bikini is perfect to throw on for a casual, easy beach day and perfect for avoiding any unwanted tan lines on your chest!






 Large Bust: For all of our larger bust ladies, halter tops offer the perfect amount of support while still giving off cute and flirty looks! Embellishments and deep necklines help to distract and flatter the bust, while underwire and padding helps to keep everything in place! Cocoyana’s Limited Edition Muralla Bikini is the perfect halter bikini to support and flatter your bust! The unique paisley pattern flatters while the deep V in the neck line helps to show off your bust! You will not want to miss out on this limited edition bikini. Find more styles on www.cocoyana.com and make sure to tag us @cocoyanafashion on Instagram in your new Cocoyana bikini!

 Athletic: For all of our athletic ladies out there, embellishments or uniquely cut necklines can help to flatter your bust. Color blocking and vertical details help to balance out shoulders and details on the sides help to create an hourglass figure! Our Azul Profundo Limited Edition bikini is the perfect way to flatter any athletic body type! The beautiful embellishments on the top and the unique pink ruffle around the edges will make any flat chest look a little bigger! The unique dark blue and light blue contrast is the perfect way to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. This bikini is super comfortable and perfect for any relaxing time by the pool or beach soaking up the sun!

 Curvy: For all of our curvy ladies out there, lighter colors on the top help to break up the torso, while ruching at the waistline helps to taper and flatter. Vertical designs help to flatter any body type and will make anyone feel more comfortable in their body! Check out www.cocoyana.com for all of our different styles and see which one fits your body and personality the best!



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