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Who Are We!

March 25, 2016

Who Are We!

Cocoyana is a Californian based fashion company with their headquarters in lovely San Diego. We feature products like Bikinis, Wicker Bags, Mochilas, Bag-Charms, Necklaces, Flash Tattoos, and much more in order to give every woman the opportunity to fulfill their fashion needs. We believe in the beauty of each woman. Light up your day with one of our beautiful fashion essentials. We believe that our beautiful mix of Colombian, California and Europe will be something that lets you stand out from the crowd. Cocoyana is a company that puts emphasis on our social mission to support the native Wayuu's in Columbia through their constant struggle of the political government overtaking their natural habitat and land. Cocoyana strives to support the Wayuu's by buying our products that are produced and manufactured in Columbia from them to help keep their habitat alive. Help us support others. Be beautiful inside and outside, and hopefully at the end of the day we are the reason someone smiles today. If you have questions reach out to us; info@cocoyana.com

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