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Wicker Style is Back

August 22, 2016

Wicker Style is Back

The wicker bag has ventured beyond the summer. The handmade tote bags, wicker bags are perfect for summer collection because they have seasonal fabric that matches with summer outfits. Wicker bags are all handmade with straws and they are eco- friendly bag from organic palm tree. Straw bags are lighter and fashionable. The texture of straw bag reminds the palm trees and beaches and it is perfect match for summer fashion. They are all made out of great materials and simple yet natural. Cocoyana provides perfect tote for vacation. They are refreshing and made out of organic materials.

You can also make the bags into fun and colorful patterns. They can also come in pastel colors if you customize them. Wicker style is not just for beach but they come in fun colors and perfect for school or any activities. Fun to add to style and these bags are definitely less expensive than leather yet still fashionable and have high quality.

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