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Celebrate the Cocoyana lifestyle by featuring a kiosk in your store or boutique. Cocoyana will provide a kiosk and 30-40 of our items including handcrafted wicker bags, mochilas, bikinis, necklaces and bracelets for display. Our handmade products are the perfect addition to any store! The inspiration behind Cocoyana lies in our desire to create quality, handmade products that represent the carefreeness of the California lifestyle. Our products reflect the San Diego surf, sun, and sea in their vibrant colors and unique patterns! Cocoyana has even been featured in Fine Magazine and on notable Instagrams such as @happyhealthyexistence and we would love to see them on the shelves of your store too! To request a kiosk, simply Contact Us at info@cocoyana.com and we will send you our sale booklet and guide you through the easiest and most efficient way to sell our products in your boutique! Contact us for more information on how to bring Cocoyana to your boutique today.