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Our Story...

In 2015, Cocoyana’s founders brought an idea to life. They combined their backgrounds stemming from Colombia and Germany with living in beautiful and sunny San Diego to create this company. By combining the thrill of appreciating the beauty of beaches around us with a SoCal lifestyle brand, Cocoyana was born in May 2015 in San Diego, California. With Colombian roots that tied into the brand, Cocoyana decided to use this as an inspiration for its products. Every product is unique and is 100% authentically handmade by the Native Wayuu Tribe of Colombia. In an effort to give back, Cocoyana decided to team up with the Wayuu people in order to support them in a time of despair. We are proud that we have given them the opportunity to work with us to make a living in this difficult time. With each purchase of any of our products, a portion of the profit goes directly to the Colombian tribe in order to help them as much as we can.

Our Mission...

In an effort to spread the word about the Colombia tribes and share our story, we have expanded to Germany/Austria & Switzerland as well! With our founders’ background in German, this allows Cocoyana to reach many more people around the world. We are on a mission to spread our good vibes and beautiful products in an effort to continue to support our Native friends in Colombia. Our dream has now become a reality, and we want to keep providing our customers with the products that we all have come to love.

We promise to continue to provide 100% handmade, high quality products in order to keep the Cocoyana brand unique. Everything we offer is completely authentic and in turn gives back to the Colombian Wayuus. Cocoyana is more than a SoCal fashion brand, it’s a lifestyle that gives back.